The eFAACT GovCon Cloud is the solution designed for government contractors attentive to FAR and DCAA compliance.

The eFAACT GovCon Cloud delivers enterprise-class reliability, data security, and anytime - anywhere access for both QuickBooks and eFAACT. eFAACT has partnered with Right Networks to deliver eFAACT Navigator and QuickBooks on a government contractor's virtual desktop.

Pairing QuickBooks with eFAACT in a customized eFAACT GovCon Cloud gives you the best possible solution. A complete subscription for eFAACT Hosted along with all features of your full Windows version of QuickBooks, securely accessible when you need it.

The eFAACT GovCon cloud infrastructure is endorsed by Intuit and ensures that your QuickBooks data is secured with the same solid standards enforced by eFAACT Hosted, providing a secure, reliable cloud solution.

eFAACT and QuickBooks available from any location!

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